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Date : May 5, 2024

57th Anniversary of Opening of the Maruki Gallery

On the 57th anniversary of the Maruki Gallery, we will highlight Okinawa, as we are currently holding an exhibition of photographs by Ahagon Shoko.

There will be a live recitation of the picture book “Okinawa Shima no Koe (The voices of Okinawa)” by the actor Kagimoto Keiko, a screening of the film “Okinawa Sen no Zu – Zen 14 bu (The Battle of Okinawa – 14 parts)”, and a workshop by the painter Yamauchi Wakana. There will also be stalls selling local organic food and other items. We hope you will join us and enjoy a relaxing day at the Maruki Gallery.

– No admission fee for high school students and below.
– Programs will be carried out in Japanese. English language support is available upon request (please contact us in advance).

12:00-14:00 Workshop by Yamauchi Wakana [Hakkaido / Free ]
“Let’s paint a picture of living with nature”
14:00-16:30 Special Event [1F New Wing Lobby / ¥1,000]
 14:00 Recitation of Kagimoto Keiko “Okinawa Shima no Koe”
 14:30 Film screening “Okinawa Sen no Zu – Zen 14 bu”
(Director/Cinematographer: Kawamura Atsunori, Producer: Sakima Michio / 2023 / 88 min.)
Director’s speech will follow the screening.

Shuttle bus
Tobu Tojo Line Shinrinkoen Station South Exit => Maruki Gallery: Dept. 11:30 12:30 13:30
Maruki Gallery => Shinrinkoen Station: Dept. 11:15 12:15 13:15 and after the event ends
If the number of passengers exceeds the capacity, you will be asked to wait.

Other Transportation
Walk from South Exit of Tsukinowa Station (approx. 30 min.)
Taxi from Shinrinkoen Station (approx. 10 min.)
*Please note that there is no public bus operating on holidays.

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