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Maruki Gallery has created original-scale replicas of the collaborative art, “The Hiroshima Panels” as well as replica photo panels that are available for loan.

“The Hiroshima Panels” are currently displayed in mural form, but from the 1950’s to 60’s, they traveled and were exhibited domestically and internationally to over twenty countries as a set of eight scrolls. The original-scale replicas of ‘The Hiroshima Panels’ (I-V) are replicas of these scrolls.

These original-scale replicas and replica photo panels have been put on display at various places including peace exhibitions, in classrooms implementing peace education, and at school events such as cultural festivals.

These artworks can be shipped anywhere within Japan. Please direct any inquiries about rental fees and shipping fees to the online contact form. Furthermore, the procedure for overseas loans differs, so please consult with us first.

*If you would like to borrow the panels during the summer, particularly from the end of July to the first half of August, we recommend you to contact us well in advance.
Please note that we receive many requests during this period and we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Thank you for your understanding.

“The Hiroshima Panels” Original-scale Replicas (I-V)Panel Size : 180×720cm
Medium and Dimensions cloth scrolls 180×90cm × 8 scrolls
Size of Box 22×101×27cm
“The Hiroshima Panels” Large Panels (I-XV)Panel Size : 90×360cm
Medium and Dimensions : paper mounted on wood 90×180cm × 2 panels
Size of Box : 95×190×13cm
“The Hiroshima Panels” Small Panels (I-XV)Panel Size : 45×180cm
Medium and Dimensions : paper mounted on wood 45×90cm × 2 panels
Size of Box : 50×95×8cm(2 artworks:51×100×18cm / 3 artworks:51×100×25cm)
“The Rape of Nanking” PanelPanel Size : 90×180cm
“The Battle of Okinawa” PanelPanel Size : 90×180cm
“Auschwitz” PanelPanel Size : 85×300cm
“Minamata” PanelPanel Size : 70×262cm