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Highlights of the Maruki Gallery’s 57th Anniversary

On May 5, we celebrated the 57th anniversary of opening the Maruki Gallery under beautiful sunny sky.

With over 300 visitors, the event venue for the reading and film screening quickly became full to capacity. We apologize to those who traveled all the way to the gallery and were unable to participate in the event.

Yamauchi Wakana’s workshop, which began around noon at Hakkaido, was attended by people of all ages, from adults to children. They painted many pictures as they contemplated nature around the gallery. After the painting, the participants also enjoyed chatting and taking a photo of their works.

In the afternoon, Kagimoto Keiko, a renowned voice actor, read a picture book “Okinawa Shima no Koe (The Voices of the Okinawan Islands)”. We also screened the film “Okinawa Sen no Zu – 14 busaku (The Battle of Okinawa: 14 Parts)”. After the screening, Kawamura Atsunori, the film director, gave a speech. Many people of course came to see the special exhibition of Ahagon Shokoh.

We extend our gratitude to all the volunteers who supported the event, including those who helped with parking, transportation, sales of goods, and set-up of the venue.

For the 57 years since its opening, the Maruki Gallery has come this far thanks to your support. Next year, in the fall of 2025, we will finally begin a large-scale renovation.

We will cherish each and every year.
Thank you again for your continued support and cooperation.

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