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Date : Dec. 8, 2018 - Jan. 26, 2019

No Nukes No War Exhibition 2018 

To all artists committed to the anti-nuclear, anti-war movement
– To Change Our World Starting Today –

There are two ways to change the world.

 One is through ‘activism,’ in which we directly appeal to institutions and implement changes in our society from the outside, and the other is through ‘art/the arts,’ in which we appeal to people’s hearts and minds and change society from the inside. These two wheels of change have been set in motion, to bring about a new era.

 Who ever said that “the arts are powerless?” ‘Art/the arts’ may not have the same immediate effect that legislation or protests have. But art undoubtedly changes people. And the hearts and minds of those who have been moved by ‘art/the arts’ will never waver. The strong will of the many people who have learned the value of life and what is really worth protecting, will become the driving force that transcends time and space to change the world. That is the power that ‘art/the arts’ hold.

 Japan has been leaning more and more to the right since 3.11 and could be heading toward an actual war. Isn’t now the time for artists, who are masters of expression, to come together to stand on the front line, to protect people’s ‘dreams’ and their ‘future’? From different perspectives, with different forms of expression, and different vision, we must protect the dignity of people and of life, to fight for freedom and peace, and the Maruki Gallery, a place where the power of ‘art/the arts’ lives on.

We hope you will join us for the No Nukes No War Exhibition 2018.

No Nukes No War Exhibition 2018 Executive Committee (Text: Ishikawa Raita)

Notice of the End of the No Nukes No War Exhibition

 In the mid-1980s, after the Vietnam War ended and there were almost no anti-war peace exhibitions in Japan, the Anti-War Peace Exhibition began at the Tokyo Chikyudo Gallery, proposed by Hariu Ichiro at the request of the gallery’s owner. 

 Since then, amidst the social unrest caused by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster and the retaliatory war that followed 9/11, the exhibition was moved to the Maruki Gallery in 2005 and reorganized as the No War Exhibition using an Indépendant-style to encourage more participation, and later the exhibition continued as the No Nuke No War Exhibition. “I earnestly hope to make this exhibition the home of an anti-war exposition that carries on the will of Mr. and Mrs. Maruki.” With these words by Mr. Hario, and the support of the Maruki Gallery’s staff, many artists were able to convey anti-nuclear and anti-war statements through their work, moving the hearts of viewers each time.

  The exhibition was cancelled in 2013 due to the museum’s workload limitations, but was resumed in 2014 by a committee of enthusiastic artists who wanted to continue the exhibition. This year was the fifth time this exhibition was held. Since its re-launch in 2014, the second-floor art space has become a popular venue for related events, with visiting guest artists and artist groups. We are grateful to Ikeda Tatsuo, who has contributed powerful essays since 2011, as a convener of the exhibition.

In order to keep the No Nukes No War Exhibition relevant and powerful, the current Indépendant-style exhibition, run by an Executive Committee will come to an end. 

We are grateful to everyone who has participated in the No Nukes No War Exhibition in the face of the recent nuclear disaster, growing nuclear threat, never-ending war, suffering of refugees, environmental degradation, and political injustice. We look forward to reconvening this exhibit with even stronger expressions and fresher ideas in the name of “anti-nuclear and anti-war will”.

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