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[Media Coverage] NHK World: Reaching Beyond Borders to Save Famed A-Bomb Art

Our new project was covered by NHK World News today! We invite you to take a look at the coverage from the link below:

A-bomb artwork going digital to keep message alive
You can watch the video “Reaching Beyond Borders to Save Famed A-Bomb Art” (4m09s) at the bottom of the article

“Art can play an important role in passing down the lessons of war. In Japan, one of the most famous examples of this is in danger of being lost. But as NHK World’s Yotsumoto Jun reports, a rescue operation is underway.”

It explains the situation that we face today, as well as the project we just started this month. We are feeling that the story of the Hiroshima Panels and the message of the Marukis are spreading to the world.

Please share the link to your friends and family and share the Marukis’ works and their history! We appreciate your support as always!

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