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[Trailer 2] To the Land of Mothers: The Hiroshima Panels 2021

The second trailer for “To the Land of Mothers: The Hiroshima Panels 2021” is released today!

“To the Land of Mothers” is a virtual tour film that introduces viewers to the world of the Maruki Gallery through the eyes of a young girl visiting the gallery for the first time. Through the film, viewers will encounter not only the Hiroshima Panels but also people who crossed paths with the Marukis and those who were influenced by their works.

We are working to add English subtitles. We hope to release English version by this summer. We will keep you posted!

Director: Takashi Arai
Starring: Yukina Tadokoro
Cast (in alphabetical order): John Junkerman (Film Director), Sachiko Kazama (Artist), Hisako Maruki (Children’s book illustrator), Yukinori Okamura (Curator – Maruki Gallery), Irma Osno (Musician), Akira Sakata (Jazz musician)

This film project is supported by our donors through GlobalGiving. 
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