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Date : April 30 + May 5, 2023

56th Anniversary of Opening of the Maruki Gallery

For this year’s anniversary of the opening of the Maruki Gallery, we have invited wyes architects (Saiga Eijiro + Yagi Kanami), who have been appointed to undertake the renovation project of the Maruki Gallery, to talk about how they will approach this renovation.
The guest commentator will be Kato Koichi, professor at the Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo. Please see the event page for more details (the event will be in Japanese).

As part of the Maruki Gallery’s renovation project, we will hold the workshop “Searching for Pieces of Change at the Maruki Gallery” on April 30 (Sunday) and May 5 (Friday/Holiday).
Throughout the architectural survey conducted to date, traces of the use and alteration made to the building have been found in various places. This workshop is aimed to find “pieces of change” by the participants themselves. The participants will take photos of the pieces of change they find with a Cheki camera and put them in their original frames.
The photos collected will be used as part of the exhibition on the architectural survey scheduled in September, and will be mailed to the participants after the exhibition. Please see the workshop information for more details and for making a reservation.

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