Annual Exhibition Schedule for 2021

We are delighted to announce our annual exhibition schedule for 2021. Please kindly note that there might be a possibility in a change of schedule due to COVID-19.

Wakana Yamauchi: The Beginning of the Beginning
Dates: Feb.6 – Apr.10, 2021

Bokujo (Meadow), 2020

Toshihiro Kanehara: The Voice of the Sea
Dates: Apr.17 – Jul.11, 2021

Kiryu Chokanzu (A Bird’s-eye of Kiryu), 1996

Yoshio Shirakawa: Untitled (To Be Confirmed)
Dates: Jul.17 – Sep.5, 2021

Mihoko Ogaki: Untitled (To Be Confirmed)
Dates: Sep.11 – Oct.24, 2021

The 120th Anniversary Exhibition of Iri Maruki’s Birth
Dates: Oct.30, 2021 – Jan.30, 2022

Ko (Wither), 1966

Jong Ok Ri: Untitled (To Be Confirmed)
Dates: Feb.5 – Apr.10, 2022

Olympia 2020, 2020

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